Riding the Sandworms: Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE Series

We watched DUNE: PART TWO, so we have to talk about it! Also, we’ve decided to take an unedited approach to the show. If you like it, let us know. If you hate it, let us know!

What we’re geeking this week

  • PlayStation Portal
  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  • Delicious in Dungeon (Netflix)

AI-Generated Show Summary

The episode begins with host Dave Clements greeting the audience and joking about a beeping noise that startled him. His co-host, David Hunt, chimes in, albeit a bit awkwardly, realizing the limitations of podcasting—namely, that the audience can’t respond to his queries.

Dave Clements is going through the keto diet again and is struggling with cravings, particularly when seeing foods he can’t have because of his diet. David Hunt sympathizes, noting how difficult it is to diet with children at home who aren’t following the same eating plan.

The conversation shifts to what the hosts have been up to. David Hunt shares his experience playing Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core and talks about his new PlayStation Portal, which allows him to play when the TV is occupied by his child. Dave has returned to rotating streaming services, settling on Netflix with ads to save some money. He mentions a new anime he’s watching, “Delicious in Dungeon,” which combines elements of Dungeons and Dragons and food—a recommendation he makes despite the challenge of starting keto.

Their talk turns toward Netflix streaming, with Dave Clements expressing his frustration over rewatching shows when his preference leans toward new content. The two friends joke about their partners rewatching their favorite shows on streaming services. The conversation then leads into the main topic of the episode: a review of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune films.

Both hosts disclose their lack of exposure to the Dune universe before the recent films. Dave attempted to watch the 1984 version by David Lynch but couldn’t get into it. David Hunt hadn’t seen the earlier film, mini-series, or read the book, and his knowledge was primarily through secondary sources like the Sci-Fi Christian podcast.

Approaching Villeneuve’s “Dune Part One,” both hosts were excited. David Hunt hadn’t seen it in theaters due to life getting in the way but caught up on the first film right before the second one was released. Dave watched Dune as soon as it came out on HBO Max, but it took a few tries to get through it without falling asleep.

Dave discusses the grand visuals and designs of the movie and the use of practical effects. David Hunt expresses that watching the second movie helped him better appreciate the first one, as they should be watched as a single entity. Both hosts find the movie visually stunning and well-acted but admit the storyline was dense and at times hard to follow.

Turning the discussion to “Dune Part Two,” Dave says he enjoyed Paul’s character more this time because of his character arc. However, he struggled with understanding some of Paul’s motivations and actions. He appreciated Zendaya’s character and was impressed by a big twist in the film involving Paul’s mother.

Dave mentions being impressed by the sandworms, sharing a piece of trivia about the failed attempt to utilize practical effects for a riding scene ultimately generated digitally. He’s intrigued by the larger universe and is open to exploring more of it.

Before closing the episode, the hosts invite their audience to send feedback and content suggestions. They address that previous episodes can be found on the podcast website and hint at re-releasing earlier content. The hosts express their love for engaging with their listeners and mention potential future series on other movie franchises. The episode ends with the hosts bidding farewell until the next episode.