Recapturing the Magic of the 90’s Era: X-Men ’97

We’re touching on nostalgia with the release of X-Men ’97 on Disney+!

AI-Generated Summary

The podcast episode begins with hosts Dave Clements and David Hunt giving a brief introduction of their show, “Geek This,” which covers a wide range of pop culture topics focusing primarily on movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games.

Dave Clements kicks off the conversation by sharing his latest geeky endeavor, playing the remastered “Crisis Core,” a prequel game to “Final Fantasy VII” initially released on the PSP. David Hunt, who is less enthusiastic about RPGs, admits to not having played the “Final Fantasy” series much but discusses his limited experience with the franchise.

David Hunt then delves into his current fascination, which surprisingly isn’t typical of the show’s usual topics. He’s geeking out over the band Twenty One Pilots and their newly released single “Overcompensate,” along with the band’s broader lore and thematic content hidden within their albums. The hosts discuss the unique storytelling and augmented reality game-like elements embedded in the band’s music and cover art, highlighting their appreciation for artistic depth.

After their music discussion, the hosts shift their focus to the main topic of the podcast: the newly released “X-Men ’97” animated series on Disney+. They reminisce about the original 1992 “X-Men: The Animated Series,” its memorable theme song, and personal connections to the X-Men franchise. Both hosts share their stories related to the series’ action figures and their experiences watching the show in their early years.

As they continue to reflect on the original series, the hosts talk about their favorite characters and the show’s take on more complex themes and parallels to civil rights, applauding the meaningful content continuing in the new series. They address some criticisms viewers have expressed online over changes in character designs and elements of wokeness in the new series, which they find humorous and off-base.

Then they transition into discussing the performances of the characters in “X-Men ’97,” comparing voice actors and their portrayals of the characters. There is a particular focus on Cyclops being portrayed as a “square,” which leads to a broader discussion about the character’s qualities. Additionally, they ponder the impact of the Storm character losing her powers early in the new series and speculate on the duration of this plot point.

Towards the end of the episode, the hosts express a desire to see more animated Marvel content that explores different characters and stories. They then announce their plans for future podcast content, revealing their upcoming series “Now This Is Franchising,” starting with the 2002 “Spider-Man” film.

In the final moments, Dave Clements calls on the audience to provide feedback and participate in the podcast community via email, the website, and social media. The episode concludes with the hosts sharing their enthusiasm for the continuation of “X-Men ’97” and their plans to revisit the original animated series.