Recapturing the Magic of the 90’s Era: X-Men ’97

In this lively episode of “Geek This,” hosts Dave Clements and David Hunt dive into a pop culture X-travaganza. David shares his excitement about delving into the remastered “Crisis Core,” a prequel to “Final Fantasy VII,” igniting a light-hearted exchange about their varied tastes in RPGs. Shifting gears, Dave brings an unexpected twist to the table with his current obsession over Twenty One Pilots, discussing their latest single “Overcompensate” and the intriguing layers of lore and augmented reality elements woven into their music.

The core of the episode, however, is dedicated to the nostalgia and excitement surrounding the release of “X-Men ’97” on Disney+. The hosts reminisce about the original “X-Men: The Animated Series,” touching on its impact on their childhoods and its significant themes that resonate with civil rights issues. They critique the new series with a mix of humor and appreciation, particularly noting the evolution in character design and voice performances.

Wrapping up, Dave and David tease their upcoming series “Now This Is Franchising,” starting with a look back at the 2002 “Spider-Man” film, and encourage listener interaction to further enrich their vibrant podcast community. This episode not only celebrates the past and present of geek culture but also sets the stage for more deep dives and discussions in future episodes.