Here’s a run-down of the Geek This crew. We hope you’ll follow each of us on social media and check out the projects we’re doing outside of this show!

Dave Clements

Dave is the guy behind the show, but is more than happy to make room for the great people listed on this page. He’s also embarrassed to write anything about himself in third-person, so he may need someone else to write this part for him. He’s too self-deprecating to say anything nice or uplifting about himself.

David Hunt

David brings insightful nuggets of trivia to the show. He’s a lover of pop culture in its many forms and makes an effort to get the most out of anything he’s enjoying. He’s an avid movie and music collector. He doesn’t make any content outside of Geek This, but he’s not shy about his opinions and that’s why we love having him around!

Adam McDorman

Adam shares thoughtful opinions on whatever comes to his mind on his YouTube channel, Medium Quality, writes about video games on his Medium Quality blog, and discusses gaming – video games and tabletop role-playing – on his podcast, D-Pads & Dice Rolls. He was the first guest on Geek This and remains one of the most thoughtful people to have ever appeared on the show.

Mike Kostrewa

Mike is our man when it comes to nostalgia. He started his journey in content creation on his YouTube channel, Half the Mike, reviewing movies. He’s passionate about video store culture and all that comes with it, which is why he’s working on developing his own store, Boomstick Video, and reviewing movies from the past on Boomstick Video Club. He’s possibly the most raucous member of the show, but we love the energy he brings to the table.