What Comics Are to Me

Note: The original name for the show was Geek This! Nerd That! which is mentioned at the top of the show. If you’d like to hear my take on this episode years later, listen to #100, where I give an audio commentary in real time.

In the debut episode of GEEK THIS!, I’m sharing my personal history with comics and how webcomics have become a staple in my regular reading.

When I think of comic books, my first thought is 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men. The visual style of Batman was always the most memorable part of that show and has held up over the last 20 years. X-Men exuded the feel of 90’s comics. Both, though, inspired me to start reading and drawing and even cemented the voices of characters in my mind. Oddly enough, though, superhero comics weren’t the predominant sources in my childhood.

Comic strips like GarfieldPeanuts, and Beetle Bailey were regulars due to my grandparents giving me “the funnies” each week. What truly inspired me and pulled me into comics was Bill Waterson’s Calvin & Hobbes. They’ve become a mainstay in my personal list of top series. They inspired a lot of drawings and potential comic strips I create even today.

My love for Calvin & Hobbes flowed into my interest in webcomics. Some of the best ones I’m reading now are Pokeweed by Drew Pocza, The Monkey & The Mouse by Kev Brett, and Insert Image by Wes Molebash.