Huluween Film Fest (2018)

Huluween Film Fest (2018)

Huluween, if you’re oblivious, is Hulu’s month-long Halloween celebration. They have loads of featured horror films and TV shows plastered to the front of the website and their apps. In addition to this, they’re showcasing eight independent short films. Those are going to be what I’m covering today. If you’d like to watch these before I talk about them, you can watch them in an official playlist here.

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URNDirected and written by Ben Steiner; Produced by Dan Dixon

THE RIZZLEDirected by Josh Tanner; Written and produced by Josh Tanner & Jade Van Der Lei

THE HUGDirected, written, & produced by Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm

THE BOX – Directed by Santiago C. Tapia; Written by Jessica Curtright & Santiago Tapia; Produced by: David Moore

LIPPYDirected & written by Lucy Campbell; Produced by Garry Paton

HAUNTED, HORRIFYING SOUNDS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVEDirected by Rodney Ascher; Written by Basil Quartermass; Produced by Tyler Glodt

THE GILLYMUCKDirected & written by Dan Samiljan; Produced by Noelle Hubbell

CARVEDDirected & written by Justin Harding; Produced by Kris Elsley, Dale Andrews, Rob Brunner & Jason Kennedy